Currently we are working on the completion of EMO 3, 4( nuclear plant Mochovce) in cooperation with the companies:

Christof Industries Austria GmbH
ENSECO, a.s.
Škoda Slovakia, a.s.,
Eusebi Impianti S.r.l.,
Energomont s.r.o.,
Technos a.s.,
Energoconstruct s.r.o
SAG- Elektrovod a.s.
In addition to work on completion of EMO 3, 4 our employees are working for the company
Energomont s.r.o. in Trnava and Technos a.s. in Hronec.
They are involved also in decommissioning of A1 Jaslovské Bohunice( Nuclear plant) for the
company JOMA s.r.o.
We perform also assembly of remotely operated armatures (3rd and 4th unit of EMO
completion) for the company Enseco a.s. Our employees are proficient also in assembly of
pipeline of the unit 3 EMO PS 19. Our qualified employees perform assembly of pipeline
with electric cables inside for the company Eusebi impianti. They are dragging and
warehousing the cables themselves not only for this company but also for SAG Elektrovod
a.s. in unit 3 EMO completion.